Weed in Brussels, Your Guide

Weed in Brussels, Your Guide 1

In this guide, you will find out everything there is to know about Cannabis in Brussels, where to find it, how much it costs, and the laws surrounding it.

Whether you are a casual smoker or traveling to Brussels to enjoy some weed or just a curious citizen, 

I’ve got you covered ☺

If you’ve ever bought cannabis in Brussels and want to share your experiences, feel free to comment below and share it with your fellow smokers and travelers. 

Thanks in advance! 

Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of cannabis or any illicit substances. 

Tolerance Level Guesstimation [1= completely illegal with severe punishment, 10= legal] – 2

Cannabis and any or every related activity are entirely illegal in Brussels. However, if you have a minimal quantity (less than 3 grams) for personal use, you might get fined, and it might get confiscated, but not more. 

Brussels Cannabis Laws

While cannabis is entirely illegal in Brussels, up until 2015, a small amount for personal use was still decriminalized. However, this, too, has become illegal now. This means that you cannot possess, grow, distribute, or consume cannabis at all- it is entirely illegal to do so. 

Specific uses of medical cannabis are still legal, however.

Law Enforcement 

Although cannabis and all related activities are completely illegal in Brussels, if you are caught with a small amount (around 3 to 5 grams only), the police might not arrest you. In many cases, the police might simply let you off with a warning. Other times, you might be fined, and your weed may be confiscated, but no more than that.

If you possess a few baggies of cannabis, the cops might get suspicious. They might think you to be a dealer and arrest you, so be careful. If you must, then don’t carry more than 3 grams on you, just to be safe. 

It is also illegal to smoke in public, but in many cases, the cops will turn a blind eye and just let you be. If you are, however, creating a scene, or smoking too openly without any regard for the cops, they might just arrest you. 

It’s quite tricky, so play it safe and don’t smoke too openly in public. 

Cannabis Prices, Quality, and Types

If there is one thing that you can enjoy in Brussels, then it is the quality of bud! Since most of the cannabis comes straight from the Netherlands, you will find some high-quality buds on your hands almost every time. Of course, there are always chances that you get ripped off by a dealer, so be safe. 

Prices of Cannabis 

Typically, you will be able to buy a gram of weed in Brussels for 10 Euros. While this might seem a little steep, keep in mind that the quality will be above average, so it’s worth the bargain. You will also get around 25 grams of hash for 125 Euros, or 8 Euros for a gram. If you’re looking for bud, you will find it for 25 Euros for 3.8 grams, but this also varies from place to place and dealer to dealer. 

Quality of Weed

As I said, the quality of weed is mostly quite significant since it comes straight from the Netherlands. That being said, there are enough chances of you getting some bad bud on your hands as well. There are a few places to look out for if you’re looking for good weed, and a few places to avoid. 

Types of Plant 

There are a few Social Clubs in Brussels which provide great strains of cannabis to their customers. You can explore these clubs to find unusual types, edibles, candies, and the works!

Where can you get weed in Brussels?

If you don’t know where to start, then head off to Matong. This is an African neighborhood where you will find your choice of dealers swarming around and ready to sell you weed and hashish, and maybe even more. 

Louise- the metro stop, is another place where you will be able to buy weed in Brussels. You won’t need much guidance. Just follow the smell of the weed, and you’ll find several dealers willing to sell.

Remember to negotiate!

Of course, keep in mind that the local cops are aware of these areas and often raid them, so be super careful when buying. Keep in mind this is illegal, so you don’t want to get caught. 

Cannabis Culture in Brussels

Although cannabis is illegal, it doesn’t stop people from enjoying the high. You will find Cannabis Social Clubs, “Coffee shops,” and even medical marijuana dispensaries in Brussels. Other than that, you can always ask some friendly locals to guide you towards some of the best dealers who can help you score some good quality bud. 

Generally, you will find people smoking weed and hash, and the cops don’t bother too much unless you are doing it too openly. Be discreet, and don’t smoke in public places or front of the police, and you will find Brussels to be an excellent place for enjoying some cannabis! 

Medical Marijuana 

Very recently, marijuana for medical uses has been legalized, so you will be able to find a few dispensaries as well as Social Clubs in Brussels. However, possession and selling of cannabis are still illegal, and this is a grey area where the shops operate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy weed in parks?

You will find a lot of dealers hanging around the parks, so you might be able to buy some off them. The quality of the weed depends upon the dealer, so be sure to check. Whether it is safe or not depends upon how discreet you are. Stay away from the eyes of the cops, and you should be fine. 

Can you smoke hash on the streets?

Well, you can, but don’t be too open about it. You will find a lot of social clubs in Brussels, as well as coffee shops. Smoke there instead, and you will be safer. 

What happens if you are caught with marijuana?

If you happen to have less than 3 grams on you, chances are, the cops will let you off with a warning. If you have more, you might be fined or even arrested. Remember one thing- if the cops do catch you, don’t lie to them or pick up a fight. Just comply, and you should be fine. 

Is it easy to get weed in Brussels?

If you know where to go, yes, it is quite easy to get weed in Brussels! 

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