Weed in Hamburg, Your Guide

Weed in Hamburg, Your Guide 1

By the end of this article, you will find out everything you need to know about cannabis in Hamburg.

Whether you are a casual smoker looking for information, or you are traveling to Hamburg and need to know the laws, or you’re just a curious citizen,

I’ve got you covered ☺

In case you have ever bought cannabis from Hamburg, please share your experiences or any tips in the comments section below. Tell all the other readers and fellow smokers about your experience or any help you can offer!

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Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of cannabis or any other illicit substances. 

Tolerance Level Guesstimation [1= illegal with severe punishment, 10= completely legal] – 5

Cannabis is illegal. However, a small amount for personal use is decriminalized in Hamburg. 

Hamburg Cannabis Laws

Although cannabis is illegal, it is excellent news that a small amount for personal use is decriminalized. This simply means that if you are caught with a few grams of weed on you, there are high chances of you being let off with a warning. Of course, you may be fined as well, but that depends. 

It is entirely illegal to smoke, grow, sell or distribute cannabis, so be very careful of that. If you are caught doing any of these, you will be in much more legal trouble. 

Law Enforcement 

Hamburg is quite relaxed when it comes to cannabis- that goes to say that you will not get into too much trouble as long as you don’t overdo it. 

If you are carrying a small amount, less than 6 grams of cannabis on you, the cops will probably just fine you, or let you go with a warning. 

However, if you are caught smoking it, or carrying a more significant amount, then the cops have every right to arrest you. 

The next great news is that in Hamburg, you will probably be able to smoke in some secluded spots like in parks or street corners. You have to stay out of trouble and avoid smoking in public places, near minors, or front of the cops, of course. 

You should also not be caught driving while you are high- it can land you in a big soup. 

Prices and Quality of Cannabis 

Just like any other city, the prices and quality of cannabis you get in Hamburg will significantly differ from dealer to dealer. With some dealers, you might strike good luck and get good quality cannabis on your hands. Other dealers might just rip you off. 

Prices of Cannabis 

The typical price for a gram of weed in Hamburg is 10 Euros. However, it is quite likely that the dealers will try and rip you off, especially if you are a tourist. The most common thing that dealers in Hamburg do is to sell you 0.8 grams of weed instead of a whole gram. 

Quality of Cannabis 

The quality you end up with depends significantly from dealer to dealer. There is no saying what you might end up with. Although, you can always check a small amount before buying it- like smelling it or smoking a bit. 

Where can you buy weed in Hamburg?

Hamburg is a large city, with a lot of young people who enjoy smoking weed. This means that you can easily find cannabis if you know where to look. 

Schanzenpark and Florapark are two famous places you can look around. You will find plenty of shady looking dealers looking to sell weed and hash here. 

Another great way to find weed is to simply approach some students who might be smoking and asking them for help. By and large, you will get help. Some might even offer you some of their weed, which is excellent! 

Cannabis Culture in Hamburg

Although cannabis might be mostly illegal, a small amount is not considered a criminal offense. You will find a lot of people smoking weed quite openly as well, on the streets. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should do the same- you can get into legal trouble. Stay out of the way of cops, and you should be able to enjoy some cannabis in the city of Hamburg without any issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to get weed in parks?

As long as you can be discreet about it, you should not find any issues. Of course, keep in mind that the cops can come out from anywhere, so you have to be careful. 

Can you smoke hash on the streets? 

You can, but you shouldn’t. It is illegal to do so, and if you are caught, you can face a lot of legal trouble. 

What happens if you are caught with marijuana?

If you have less than 6 grams on you, you should be fine. If you are caught with more or are smoking outside, then you might be in more trouble. 

Is it easy to get weed in Hamburg?

Even though weed is technically illegal in Hamburg, the laws are pretty relaxed. This means that you can find weed easily if you know where to look! 

Is Cannabis legal in Hamburg?

Cannabis is illegal. However, a small amount for personal use is decriminalized in Hamburg.

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