Weed in Marbella, Your Guide

Weed in Marbella, Your Guide 1

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Cannabis in Marbella; the laws, prices, and anything that piques your curiosity.

Are you just a casual smoker who is traveling to Marbella? Or maybe you’ve lived there all your life and are looking for some more information. 

Well, I’ve got you covered! 

Of course, if you already have experience of buying or using Cannabis in Marbella and can help out your fellow smokers, please share some information about your experiences, the prices, and the quality of Cannabis. Don’t forget to add some of the best places to find great quality weed in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of Cannabis or any other illicit substances. 

Tolerance Level Guesstimation [1= very illegal, 10= completely legal] – 9

Cannabis is illegal here. However, it also depends upon how much you have and what you are doing with it. 

Law Enforcement 

If you like to take a toke every once in a while, then Marbella will be quite a delightful place to do so. While Cannabis might be illegal, the local cops are quite relaxed about the laws. You may smoke Cannabis in your private property, which is completely decriminalized, but you might also be able to get away with smoking in public. 

In case you are caught, your punishment depends upon how much you have on you (if it is a small amount, you will be let off with a warning), or if you are distributing the Cannabis (in which case, you might be in more serious trouble). 


Cannabis can be found in different qualities, types, and prices in Marbella. Locally, they are known as pollen (white hash or pan de igo) and chocolate (darker hash).

However, you will notice that hash is more popular in Marbella as compared to weed, and it is quite uncommon to buy it by weight. 

You might not even find too many people knowing about the different types and strains of Cannabis here, but generally, you should not pay more than 6 to 7 Euros per gram of Cannabis. 


You will find several people openly smoking Cannabis in parks, on the beaches, or simply down the road. This might look tempting, but as a tourist, it is probably best not to join them. Remember, smoking marijuana in public spaces is still illegal, so if you need to take a toke, visit a little coffee shop or go over to a private residence and enjoy your weed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying weed in the parks safe?

You will find this happening rampantly in Marbella- people coming up to you and offering to sell you some weed. However, to be safe, do not buy weed from parks in Marbella. Remember that while private growing and consumption of weed is legal, distribution is illegal. So if you get caught buying weed in parks, you could be in trouble. 

Can you smoke hash on the street?

The law enforcement regarding smoking weed and hash on the streets of Marbella is quite relaxed. The local cops and friendly and honestly, quite easily bribed. Even if you get caught smoking hash on the street, you might have to pay a fine, and that’s about it. However, if the militia or army police find you doing the same, it would call for far more severe punishment. Best bet- smoke on your private property!

What happens if you get caught with marijuana? 

If the local cops in Marbella catch you with a small amount of weed, either smoking it or just carrying it, there are high chances that you will just be sent off with a warning or a fine. However, if you do carry a large amount of it on you, the consequences might be more severe.

Is it easy to get weed in Marbella?

It is quite easy to get weed in Marbella, depending upon where you are looking. You will find cannabis clubs and ‘coffee shops,’ but you will also find local boys alluring you with ‘good quality weed’ at low prices. Best to avoid the latter, though. 

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