Weed in Nice, Your Guide

Weed in Nice, Your Guide 1

By the end of this article, you will know everything about Cannabis in Nice.

Whether you’re a casual smoker traveling to Nice, a long time citizen looking for more information, or just a curious mind on the internet,

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If you have had any experience of buying cannabis in Nice, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Help out your fellow smokers and travelers!

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Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of cannabis or any other illicit substances 

Tolerance Level Guesstimation [1= very illegal with severe punishment, 10= completely legal] – 5

Cannabis remains illegal in France, however, if you are caught with a few grams of marijuana (deemed for personal use), you might just be fined a few hundred Euros, and that’s it. 

Nice Cannabis Laws 

Possession and consumption of marijuana are completely illegal in Nice. However, as of 2018, cannabis was decriminalized. This means that if you are caught with a few grams of weed on you, the worst-case scenario is that you might be fined for around 200 Euros. 

In case you have more than a few grams of weed on you, or you are caught smoking or disturbing it, the cops can come down pretty hard on you,

So be careful! 

Law Enforcement 

As of the end of 2018, cannabis was decriminalized. However, the laws are still quite strict around cannabis, and you cannot carry it around with you or smoke it in public. 

In case you are caught with a small amount of weed, which can be deemed for personal use only, you will be fined (around 200 Euros) and left alone. However, if you are caught smoking it or distributing it, you might be arrested and detained. It depends upon the circumstances and the amount of marijuana you had on you at that moment. 

Cannabis Price, Quality and Types

In Nice, you will surprisingly find that hash is more easily available than weed. Even when it comes to quality, the hash is much better than weed. In most cases, you might be stuck with really low-quality weed on your hands, depending upon whom you are buying it from. 

Cannabis Prices 

You can buy weed for around 7 to 10 Euros per gram. However, this depends upon your dealer and where you are buying the weed from. For tourists, the dealers can often hike up the prices; however, if you are a good negotiator, you might be able to get it for less than 10 Euros a gram. 

You can also buy some good quality has in Nice for 4 to 5 Euros. Not only is it cheaper, but the quality is also much better than the weed you will find there. 

Cannabis Quality 

Unfortunately, you will not come across very good quality cannabis in Nice. Most of the cannabis will be sold by shady dealers walking around in major tourist spots around Nice. However, since the hash comes straight from Morocco, which is just a boat ride away from Nice, the quality of it is much better than the weed. 

Types of Plant 

Since weed and hash are completely illegal in Nice, you might not be able to find a great variety of choices for yourself while buying. The most common type that you will come across in Nice is the Moroccan hash. However, you will also find the green bud, or marijuana, which most people smoke. Unfortunately, the quality of this weed is not great.

Where can you buy Cannabis in Nice?

Since there are no legal weed shops or cannabis clubs in Nice, it can be difficult for you to get hold of cannabis legally. However, you will find quite a few street dealers walking around and offering to sell you cannabis (along with other kinds of drugs) for a ‘tourist price,’ which means for a higher price!

If you are desperate to smoke some bud, then go for it!

However, personally, maybe you should opt for the Moroccan hash rather than buy the mediocre weed from the street dealers. 

Rue Massena is a popular party spot in Nice where there is always the hustle and bustle of tourists and party crowds. Here, you will find a lot of dealers looking to sell weed and hash. 

Another place you can find dealers are the beaches and neighboring areas.

Just keep a lookout, and you will find them! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying weed in the parks safe?

Actually, no. It can be quite unsafe to do so since it is illegal and a criminal offense. However, do it discreetly and stay away from cops, if you are desperate to buy.

Can you smoke hash on the streets?

In case you have to, then do it very discreetly and don’t do it in very crowded areas. If you notice cops, then stop immediately, or else you will be fined! 

What happens if you get caught with marijuana?

If you are caught with a small amount of marijuana (just a few grams, which can be deemed for personal use), then you will most likely be let off with a fine. However, if you are carrying larger amounts of marijuana, you might be detained and kept for a few hours in jail. So be safe! 

Is it easy to get weed in Nice?

Even though there are no ‘legal’ options to get weed in Nice, you will still come across a lot of street dealers around the beach and around tourist spots who are looking to sell weed and hash. 

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