Weed in The Hague, Your Guide

Weed in The Hague, Your Guide 1

In this guide, you will find out everything there is to know about Cannabis in Hague, where to find it, how much it costs, and the laws surrounding it. 

Whether you are a casual smoker just looking for more information, or you are planning a trip to The Hague to enjoy a few joints, or you are just curious,

I’ve got you covered ☺

If you have ever bought cannabis in The Hague, please feel free to share your experiences with your fellow smokers and travelers in the comments section below. 

Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of cannabis or any other illicit substances. 

Tolerance Level Guesstimation [1= very illegal with severe punishment, 10= complete legalization] – 7

Although a small quantity of cannabis for recreational use is tolerated, smoking it in public is still illegal. In general, cannabis is illegal, but it is simply tolerated in small amounts. 

The Hague Cannabis Laws

Once again, the cannabis laws in The Hague are quite, let’s say, vague! 

Cannabis remains illegal in The Hague. However, a small amount meant for personal use (around 5 grams only) is still tolerated. That being said, smoking it in public is illegal and can result in an arrest as well. 

There are several ‘coffee shops’ here, which are not coffee shops at all. Here, you can buy pre-rolled joints, or merely a few grams of cannabis and roll your own. Enjoy it within the shop, or simply take it back home. 

Growing and distributing cannabis is entirely illegal, and can result in severe punishment, so be careful. 

Another exciting thing is that all coffee shops which are located close to schools (250 meters) have been banned!

Law Enforcement 

Although many people might think that The Hague has a very relaxed attitude towards absolutely anything to do with cannabis, this is simply not true. While other countries are relaxing their laws around cannabis, Netherlands is becoming stricter. 

You absolutely cannot smoke cannabis in public- the cops will catch you and fine you or even arrest you for it. 

As for possession, you can have about 5 grams on you, but anymore, and once again, the cops will decide what to do with you. 

As for the coffee shops, you can only buy around 5 grams of cannabis at a time, so keep that in mind. 

Cannabis Prices, Quality, and Types

When it comes to cannabis in The Hague, you will find more than a dozen different strains of cannabis. The prices will also differ- the better the quality, the higher the price. 

You will, of course, find street dealers who are willing to sell for a lower price, but the quality might not be excellent. 

Prices of Cannabis 

In general, you will find medium to even good quality cannabis for 10 to 12 Euros per gram. However, you will also find places selling strains for eight or even as low as 5 Euros a gram! The quality will, of course, be different. 

Quality of Weed

As long as you are buying your cannabis over the counter from coffee shops, you can be assured that the quality will be excellent. The Netherlands is known for its superb quality weed and hash. Even the stuff you buy off street vendors will be good- nothing too bad. 

Types of Plant 

If there is one thing that you will find in The Hague- it is a variety of strains of cannabis! Some of the most popular strains include- 

  • Cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis indica
  • Cannabis ruderalis
  • White widow
  • Power plant
  • Orange bud
  • Lemon haze
  • Northern lights
  • Bubble gum
  • Amnesia haze
  • Jack Herrer

Where can you buy cannabis in The Hague?

Well, the best part about The Hague is that you will find plenty of ‘coffee shops’ all around town! Choose from different strains of cannabis at different prices and enjoy it within the shops or simply take it back home. Of course, keep in mind that you absolutely cannot smoke it in public, so just wait till you are indoors! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to buy weed from parks?

Well, you don’t need to. Here, you will find plenty of coffee shops where you can buy your weed from. However, you will also find street dealers in parks. As long as you are discreet and keep an eye out for cops, go ahead. 

Can you smoke hash on the streets?

It is illegal, so you shouldn’t. However, if you must, at least find a secluded place and smoke it there. 

What happens if you are caught with marijuana?

As long as it is less than 5 grams, nothing much will happen. If you are caught with more, or you are smoking or distributing it, you will be in much more trouble. You might even get arrested. 

Is it easy to get weed in The Hague?

Yes! Just visit a coffee shop! 

Is Cannabis legal in The Hague?

Although a small quantity of cannabis for recreational use is tolerated, smoking it in public is still illegal. In general, cannabis is illegal, but it is simply tolerated in small amounts.

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