How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds, 100% Success

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds, 100% Success 1

Today we teach you how to germinate marijuana seeds easily. Many people are getting started in Cannabis self-cultivation, either because it is becoming more and more socially accepted, either because of a disease they have been recommended to or just for the pleasure of smoking your own weed. Many people are very slow to plant their marijuana seeds, because they find it difficult, or because they often die when they germinate them. This is because they don’t have enough information on how to do the process, and they are either too cold, too hot, too waterlogged, or too dry.

With this article, we will try that when you germinate your seeds, you don’t have hardly any lows, and if you don’t get one of 10, and not that you die 9 of 10. You only have to follow some simple steps that we detail one by one:

Materials needed to germinate seeds successfully

  • Kitchen paper.
  • Plastic Tupperware.
  • B.A.C. X-Seed
  • Aluminum paper (if the tupper has transparent parts)
  • The marijuana seeds we want to germinate.

Steps to germinate marijuana seeds

Now that we have everything we start the process of germination of the seeds:

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare all the necessary material by hand, so as not to have any inconvenience when taking one thing or another.

Step 2: Soak the seeds

Submerge the Marijuana Seeds in B.A.C.’s X-Seed liquid for a full hour. Shake it with a spoon from time to time to soak the seeds well.

Step 3: Germination

While the seeds are soaked, we prepare the Tupper, making a bed for it downstairs with wet kitchen paper, without it being watered. Personally, I make 3 layers, wet it and let it drain without wrinkling it, just like a T-shirt, and spit out the excess water quite well. We don’t have to worry about it drying out, so as long as it’s completely wet there’s no need to worry about it.

Step 4: Separation

Once they have been in B.A.C.’s X-Seed liquid for an hour, with the help of a spoon, we carefully remove the seeds from the liquid and place them on the bottom of the Tupper, distributing them well, so that the roots do not get mixed up with each other.

Step 5: Cover the seeds

Once all the Cannabis seeds have been placed in the bottom of the Tupper, we cover it with another layer of paper, like the one before for the bottom, but we place it covering the seeds completely, making them remain between the two wet papers, all the seeds.

Step 6: Care

Once this is done, you have to close the Tupper, which will never dry your kitchen papers, which is the fault that many growers have, when the paper dries and add more water, and throw more so that it takes longer to dry … All this bothers our process, to put them in the closed Tupper we forget this. If our Tupper is transparent, as is our case, then we cover it completely so that no light enters it in any way. In our case we have used aluminum foil.

Step 7: Setting the temperature

Once our Tupper is closed and isolated from light, we must leave it in a place with a pleasant temperature. In winter, with the cold is more difficult to find a pleasant place for them, so we must find a source of heat that is not excessive, we can use the computer modem, a tdt … The play is too hot and will cook, nor should be passed … We chose the home DTT to place our Tupper.

Step 8: Care

After 1 day or so, our seeds will open, letting their first root emerge, with which we must be very careful when handling our seeds. We should not leave them too long, once opened they can be transplanted into the soil.

Step 9: Go Down to Earth

Now that we have sprouted them, we have to pass them to the definitive medium, normally they are passed to the ground, but you can put them in a rock wool block to make their growth in hydro, in a jiffy to make cultivation in coconut… We will dedicate ourselves to explain in the ground, which is the most common thing.

Fill a small pot with soil, maximum half a liter. We water it well before depositing our seed into the pot. Once the soil is wet (but not waterlogged) and you notice that the pot is already heavy, we make a hole in it with our fingertip, more or less half to 1 cm. and we place our seed, with the root pointing downwards. We cover it with a little bit of soil, it should be half or one cm away from the surface, and we will have our seed ready to come to life. We only have to put it in the sun, or in the lamps, or wherever we are going to cultivate it, because in a couple of days, our new sprout will appear and it will not stop growing until the end.

Once the seed comes out, it becomes long by itself, it is not that they are gleaned or anything of that, it is because they look for the light, or simply it has been formed this way. And there that we advise the small flowerpot to germinate, for to the 10 days more or less since it leaves that it stops stretching, to pass it to a flowerpot already bigger, of about 3.5L to bury the excess of trunk, since of there also it leaves root to them and the plant will leave much stronger, to part that you will be able to bury it and you will save in space of the flowerpot to the first branches.

Soon we will put the second part of the article, where we will see how to plant cannabis in the ground, and how to make the transplant burying the roots.

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