Weed in Malaga, Your Guide

Weed in Malaga, Your Guide 1

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Cannabis in Malaga.

Whether you’re just a traveler who also loves to smoke, or you’re just curious to know more

I’ve got all the information you need ☺

Feel free to share your own experiences of buying cannabis in Malaga; share your comments below with all your fellow tokers and smokers!


Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of cannabis or any other illicit substances

Tolerance Level Guesstimation- [1= completely illegal, 10- full legalization] – 3

Private possession and use of cannabis are legal. However, if you are caught with any amount of pot in public, you have to face dire consequences

Law Enforcement 

Malaga is pretty strict about its cannabis laws. Unfortunately, if you are caught with even as little as 5 grams of marijuana on you, the police can break all hell loose on you. It is best to keep your weed back home and smoke on your private property, or in cannabis clubs only, where it is still legal to do so. 

Cannabis Prices, Quality, and Types

Depending upon where you are buying your weed or hash from, the quality can vary vastly. If you buy your cannabis from a legal cannabis club or a dispensary, you will have some really good quality weed on your hands. However, if you buy it from the street dealers, locals, or simply any random local willing to sell, you might end up with a substandard product. 

Prices of Cannabis

You will typically find hash being sold here for 4 to 5 Euros per gram, while weed can be slightly more, depending upon whom you are buying it from. 

Moroccan hash is very popular here, and you can buy 1 ounce for 50 Euros, or 1/8th of an ounce for 10 Euros. 

Types of Plant

In Malaga, the most common types of cannabis that you will come across are:

  • Moroccan Hash
  • Skunk
  • Rubio

While these are the most popular kinds, you will find various other strains in the dispensaries as well as cannabis clubs all over town. 

Where to buy weed in Malaga?

Your best bet would be to join a Cannabis Club in Malaga and get your weed from there. There are also a couple of dispensaries that you can explore. Of course, the last (but not the best) option is to buy marijuana from the local dealers simply. 

Now, the quality of weed you end up with can be great or can be bad. It depends upon your luck and the dealer’s choice, honestly. 

However, keep in mind that buying marijuana from dealers is illegal, and if you get caught, you could be in a great deal of trouble!

Stay safe and stick to the cannabis clubs! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying weed in the parks safe?

Buying weed from dealers in parks is illegal in Malaga, and if you get caught by the cops, you could be in a world of trouble. It’s just best to avoid calling for trouble and not buy weed from parks in Malaga. 

Can you smoke hash on the street?

There are many cities in Spain where you can smoke hash on the streets without many repercussions- maybe you will have to pay a fine. However, in Malaga, the police are pretty strict about law enforcement, and you can get into trouble for smoking on the streets. 

What happens if you get caught with marijuana?

In case you are caught with marijuana, even 5 grams of it, you can be in serious trouble. If it is the local cops who catch you, your tools will be confiscated, and you will have to pay a fine. However, if the National Police or the Civil Guards catch you, you can even be sent to jail. Best to avoid these scenarios altogether.

Is it easy to get weed in Malaga?

From the cannabis clubs, yes. And while local dealers and the black market do exist, the punishment for getting caught is way too severe and not worth scoring some marijuana from local dealers. 

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