CBD in Alicante, Your Guide


CBD Tolerance/legality Level in Alicante: 8/10 Stars

In Alicante, cannabis tourism is highly promoted through their Cannabis culture. Though, the laws of Cannabis are complicated. While the public consumption of Cannabis in Alicante is illegal, confidential consumption and purchasing from the social club is an exception.

Is CBD Legal in Alicante, Spain

Being a cannabis hotspot Spain attracts the green tourist to its heart. This beautiful city Alicante is no exception to this. Want to know the super dope secret of Alicante? 

The laws in Alicante are less strict. The criminal law here states that personal possession exclusively does not constitute a crime. 

Though Cannabis trafficking is a punishable offense. Only if it doesn’t harm any users it may bring you imprisonment for 3 years. 

Also, the age boundaries rigidly come into consideration. If you are not an adult and the police take intervention and you might sustain for rehabilitation treatment. 

Where to buy CBD Products in Alicante?

There are several effective ways where you can buy cannabis. Let me share with you the safest options and tips. 

Social Clubs

If you are a resident of Alicante social clubs are the safest place to have your piece of cake. If you are a temporary resident here you need to be introduced by locals to get membership in social clubs. You may wonder what is the outbreak with tourists. Don’t worry until you have your valid ID and stay address you are good to go. But it may not the case every time, keep a check on the regulations. 

Search your Locals

Being a tourist If it is getting stressed to get a membership at any social club searches for locals. Despite the fallouts with laws, there are blocks with graffiti and indexed hemp. These are a convincing indication of where you might expose stash. 

Local Dispensaries

These are one of the safest and recommended options.

The 3 Best CBD Shops in Alicante

Cannabis shop by Hemp Brothers

They claimed to be the Best store in Alicante for Australian-made organic products for both humans and animals.

CBD Alicante 🌿 High Society Alicante

Provides you detailed attention when it comes to Cannabis products and performs a wide range.  

Grow Shop-CBD-Doctor Amnesia Alicante

Sells the best quality products in the locality. All natural products in a large and affordable range. Must recommend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying CBD online safe?

 Yes, it is. But always do check the analyzed certificate provided by the authority. 

Is buying CBD in stores safe?

Effectively yes until you are looking for an authorized store. Stay away from fraudulent ones. 

What happens if you get caught with CBD?

In Alicante consuming Cannabis is not a punishable offense. If you get caught exceeding the limits of CBD, police might fine you. 

Is it easy to get regular weed in Alicante?

The availability of Cannabis in Alicante is the same as in the rest of Spain. So yes, it is easy to get regular weed in Alicante. 

Some Further Advice from around the web:

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”-Carl Sagan, Goodreads

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