CBD in Barcelona, Your Guide

CBD in Barcelona, Your Guide 1

The drug is illegal in Spain, but it is not banned completely. In Spain, personal marijuana consumption is now legal, but that does not mean that one can freely cultivate, transport, or smoke the substance.

CBD Tolerance/legality Level in Barcelona: 9/10 Stars 

Cannabis is still illegal under certain circumstances, such as if someone is under 18 years old or if it is being sold illegally. However, the drug is not illegal to consume if you are over 18 years old. Cannabis is widely available in the city of Barcelona.

Is CBD Legal in Barcelona, Spain

At first, I was surprised to know that Spain has the most liberal industrial hemp laws in the European Union, following the Netherlands. Spanish laws are in favor of industrial hemp, allowing for up to 0,2% THC in CBD products. Because of this, some Spanish regions may sell medical products with more THC than what is permitted on a national level.

You would be surprised to know that CBD oils were prohibited from being used as an ingredient in food in the EU in 2018, but hemp seeds and skincare products are still permitted under EU law.

After doing some research on Google, I learned that Spain is home to one of the biggest economies of industrial Hemp cultivation as well as a hub for cannabinoid research in Europe. Spain is also a hot spot for cannabis cultivation, as it hosts the biggest cannabis event in Europe, Spannabis, every year since 2002. For this reason, Barcelona is one of the best cities for weed lovers.

Where to buy CBD Products in Barcelona?

There are many CBD products available in Barcelona, and you can buy them from a variety of stores. You can also find CBD products online, and you can buy them from a variety of websites. The most common CBD products available in Barcelona are CBD creams, capsules, and tinctures. You can also find CBD gels, creams, and lotions.


There are many authorized CBD shops are present in Barcelona, where you can buy your favorite cannabis products. However, you have to be an adult for making any purchase. In these authorized CBD shops, you can buy the best quality CBD products. Unfortunately, most of these CBD shops charge a lot of money for these products. But how can you beat that and get CBD products at a much lower price?


If you are low on cash, dealers are your next best option. Although you might get CBD products at a much lower price, the quality will be subpar. You can also get conned at these places and get fake CBD products. For this reason, always check the CBD product when you are buying it from dealers.

The 3 best CBD Shops in Barcelona

  1. SensitiveCBD

The CBD and hemp derivatives store SensitiveCBD opened its doors in March 2018, making its mark on the CBD and hemp market. In central Barcelona, just before the Jaume I metro stop, you can find them.

This CBD shop provides a wide range of CBD products: CBD oils and e-liquids, infusions with hemp, natural cosmetics based on hemp, and capsules. You can also find various products from big European companies, small local producers, and weed at this place.

  1. Off-Grass CBD Store

Off-Grass CBD Store is a new CBD store in Barcelona that offers a wide range of products, including CBD oil, capsules, and tinctures. The store is located in the municipality of Carrer d’En Bot, just a few minutes from the city center.

What makes Off-Grass CBD Store stand out from other CBD stores is the fact that they have employed third-party laboratory testing to substantiate every claim and every benefit. They also offer exceptional prices and the best CBD products.

  1. Canna-Cali Barcelona

Canna-Cali is a Barcelona-based cannabis firm that is dedicated to quality, transparency, and excellent customer service. It is also committed to serving its customers well. For this reason, this CBD shop has gained huge popularity after opening.

Canna-Cali Barcelona has a large selection of cannabis products! From tasty local treats to simple CBD accessories, this cannabis store has it all!

CBD Culture to know

Barcelona has evolved into one of the world’s finest cities when it comes to weed. One of the city’s most prominent cannabis clubs is proof that this city is taking cannabis culture seriously. These cannabis clubs are a novel concept in European cannabis culture as they are places where you can work, drink, play pool, and smoke cannabis.

In Barcelona, the laws are a little more complicated. Because of the number of cannabis clubs available, it is crucial to know how they function and which are considered the best. It is critical to note that to enter a cannabis club you must be a member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying CBD online safe?

Buying CBD online is safe and it is one of the most convenient ways you can get quality CDB products.

Is buying CBD in stores safe?

Yes, buying CBD in stores is safe as long as the CBD store is authorized. Therefore, don’t forget to check the license and review the CBD store before you go there to buy CBD products.

What happens if you get caught with CBD?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of CBD product. You may have to pay a small fine if you get caught with less than a small amount of CBD product. However, you may spend a long time in jail if you get caught with a big stash of weed or hash.

Is it easy to get regular weed in Barcelona?

Yes, regular weed is available in Barcelona.

Some Further Quotes from around the web:

‘’It is illegal to smoke weed/ Marijuana outdoors, i.e. in public spaces in Barcelona. And if you’re caught doing it, you can potentially face heavy fine or even jail time. Having said that, it is also a fact that you’ll smell and spot people smoking weed in every El Raval street, around Placa Catalunya and in El born areas.’’ – Leonard Beekhof, Quora.

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