CBD In Lisbon, Your Guide

<strong>CBD In Lisbon, Your Guide</strong> 1

CBD Tolerance/legality Level in Lisbon: 9/10 Stars 

You would be happy to know that Portugal has legalized CBD and all cannabis products since 2001. Due to this reason, you can enjoy all CBD products in Lisbon without any restriction. However, you shouldn’t be enjoying this substance in public. You may have to pay a hefty fine for consuming CBD products in public.

Is CBD Legal in Lisbon, Portugal

Many people around the world have celebrated Portugal’s drug decriminalization and declared it to be exceptionally successful. We can undoubtedly concur with this sentiment. The decriminalization procedure has, without a doubt, been successful.

It’s not a criminal act to use cannabis in Portugal; rather, it’s considered a problem that should be addressed in other ways. Cannabis was made legal for medicinal purposes in 2018. However, cultivating cannabis is still a criminal offense! Selling and trafficking drugs are still considered crimes and can result in prison time. Please, be careful and obey the law.

CBD is legal in Portugal, but only if it comes from a licensed producer. In order to prove that the CBD originates from a cannabis plant and not synthetic sources, producers must submit documentation showing their cultivation process, extraction method, and other information.

Where to buy CBD Products in Lisbon?

There are various ways to purchase CBD items in Lisbon. You may either visit a local CBD store or buy them online. Before buying online, you should be aware of a few critical elements and check the quality. Before you buy, verify the product description and ingredients list to ensure you are receiving the correct product.

At the same time, a few dispensaries check prescriptions before handing over the CBD product. This checking often causes a problem for those people who want to use medical-grade CBD products for recreational usage.


In addition to being authorized, CBD stores in Lisbon offer a wide range of products. Despite this, not all CBD stores are equal, and you may have drastically different experiences at them. Some CBD stores are in posh areas, where they sell premium CBD products at a high cost, whereas others are in outlying areas and sell CBD products at a reasonable price.

Due to this reason, it is a smart idea to check the review of these CBD stores before visiting. You can also check the detailed information about the CBD product before buying. This way, you will get the best CBD product from these shops.


Unlike authorized CBD stores, most street dealers aren’t operating lawfully. For this reason, getting quality CBD products from dealers is not possible. Most of the time, you will find contamination in their product. For this reason, the prices of all CBD products are low at these dealers. Instead of purchasing CBD products from these dealers, you can check reputable online stores. Most reputable online stores sell quality CBD products at a reasonable price.

The 3 best CBD Shops in Lisbon

Canna-Cali Store

This shop is located in the R. da Rosa area and specializes in hemp extracts. In addition to CBD oil, they also sell CBD powders, CBD edibles, CBD creams, and CBD-infused beverages. To top it all off, they have a “Dosing Station”, where you can get advice and assistance on choosing the best CBD product for your needs. This shop also offers CBD tours, where a trained guide will show you around the city and teach you about the history of cannabis in Portugal, as well as the specific uses of CBD.

CBweed Shop

This CBD shop is located in the industrial area of Lisbon and sells a wide variety of cannabis-related products, including CBD oils and other CBD edibles. They also sell other hemp extracts and other CBD products, including CBD gummies, CBD cookies, and CBD teas. Another thing that sets this shop apart from the others is that they have a “Doc Shop” onsite, which has an assortment of CBD products for sale. These products are placed in a fridge and are available for purchase at any time.

Green mama lisboa

Although the name implies that this shop specializes in selling CBD, they actually sell a variety of cannabis products, including CBD oils, capsules, edibles, creams, and tinctures. In addition to these products, they also have a variety of hemp extracts, including CBD powder and RSHO (Real Scientific Hemp Oil). This shop also has an onsite “Doc Shop” that carries a wide range of other CBD products, including gummies, cookies, and teas. 

CBD Culture to know

Lisbon is known for its magnificent architecture, historical centers, and stunning beaches. It’s also home to a burgeoning cannabis market, making it an ideal location for CBD oil tourism. Many individuals around the world have lauded Portugal’s drug decriminalization and hailed it as a major success. It is true that this approach has been successful. It’s amazing how many nations have attempted to replicate Portugal’s method. Drug use and abuse have been viewed in a new light as a result of this approach. Drug abuse went from being the most significant problem in Portugal to the 13th most important issue as a result of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying CBD online safe?

Online shopping for CBD goods is fine, as long as you avoid unfamiliar sites that offer low-quality CBD goods.

Is buying CBD in stores safe?

Buying quality CBD products at CBD stores is the safest thing to do in Lisbon.

What happens if you get caught with CBD?

It is legal to possess or possess small amounts of CBD, but it is illegal to possess a large amount.

Is it easy to get regular weed in Lisbon?

It is good to know that Weed is easy to find in Lisbon.

Some Further Advice from around the web:

“I have visited Lisbon once. I think that drugs are somehow not illegal there. People got stoned with the police nearby and every night guys sold coca and marijuana in the main streets totally free of the burden on police chases.” Constantinos Kalampokis Source: Quora

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