CBD in Porto, Your Guide

<strong>CBD in Porto, Your Guide</strong> 1

CBD Tolerance/legality Level in Porto: 8/10 Stars

You must be wondering why it is an 8! Good news is on its way. It is not legal but has been decriminalized by the government in Porto. And just like that, smoking Cannabis even on the street is tolerated here. 

Is CBD Legal in Porto, Portugal

Porto depletes the rich history. Embraces world-famous port wine cellars and related heritage. And if you think this is all, therefore, let me tell you are wrong. Remember why you are here! Yes, this rich city is well-known as it decriminalized Cannabis. It was decriminalized in 2001 and legalized for its medical use in 2018.  

Also, let me burst some bubbles. Suppose you are in Porto, seeing some youngsters selling Cannabis in an open street, or maybe someone is lighting hash on open ground. What will your instinct tell you? But don’t get fooled by it. 

It might cause you trouble. 

If you get caught with hash on a minimal account, you will get a fine or a warning. But if you are caught with 60 grams or above, the cops might suspect you as a dealer and put you in prison. Why? Because drug trafficking, selling, and trading are strictly restricted. Also, Sometimes it gets considerable fines, sometimes therapy on demand and harm compression actions. 

However, this is just for saying. You are highly safe when you are in Porto. The local police are very friendly, mostly with tourists. You are good to go if you are not intervening in anyone’s privacy.

Where to buy CBD Products in Porto?

Though the government has decriminalized cannabis in Porto, that doesn’t mean it’s a new Canada! You are not going to find Cannabis in a regular coffee shop. However, let’s see the safer and possible ways to get some quality weed, even cheaper ones. 


You can find some drug dealers in the main squares in Porto. But Warning! It might be hard to find some good-quality cannabis. There are scammers you need to stay alert of.

Online Business

You will find so many online dealers out in Porto. Again scammers must be waiting for you with recommendations. Be aware of such things.

Befriend locals

No doubt Porto’s cannabis friendliness entices so many youngsters into business ideas. But, unfortunately, they are not experienced enough, and you got robbed regarding quality.

Try checking! 

The safest way is to befriend locals. Another way is to access the hostel and find people who have gotten quality flowers.

Smart Shops 

It was easy before 2018 to get cannabis in this kind of store or, better say, dispensaries. But, according to the new cannabis law, it has been banned, but It definitely has changed its working strategies. Also, it’s difficult to find such shops but not unusual.

The 3 best CBD Shops in Porto

Bud Temple

This is a cafe cum CBD shop. Prices are quite reasonable with a wide choice of products. And if you are a coffee person, you don’t want to miss this place.

Cannabis Store Amsterdam Porto

If you have a fear of being high, then this store is for you. This store has great products which are very therapeutic and medicinal. So whatever you eat, drink or smoke, it will not disappoint you.

The Art Of Joint

Best selection around everywhere. Friendly advice on complimentary. Completely legal and not medicinal. You will never fail to get possibly everything to light good hemp.

CBD Culture to know

Though cannabis is illegal in Porto and avoiding public settings for your hash is probably the best idea for you being a tourist. But come on! The streets are full of cannabis. People are open about it, and the police deceive us to be blind and embrace the culture. In some cases, they do smoke some.

Also, until you are an adult you have no trouble going on with hash in your pocket, no one interrupts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying CBD online safe?

Yes, it is. But be aware of frauds at any time.

Is buying CBD in stores safe?

Yes. However, don’t forget to check the state regulations and the level of TCH.

What happens if you get caught with CBD?

Counts on cops to cops and state regulations. Usually, It may get you a fine or warning.

Is it easy to get regular weed in Porto?

As Cannabis is illegal in Porto. It is difficult to get some but possible.

Some Further Advice from around the web:

“The state doesn’t sell drugs and buying and selling drugs in Portugal is illegal.

The decriminalization of drug possession just means that if you are caught with a number of drugs considered small enough for personal use, the police will confiscate it and tell you to move on.Basically, you won’t end up in jail for possessing drugs for personal use like you would in the US for example.” Hugo Leitao, Quora

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