CBD In Strasbourg, Your Guide


CBD Tolerance/legality Level in Strasbourg: 7/10 Stars 

France is a great place to buy CBD products legally, as the laws are straightforward. In Strasbourg, for example, it is illegal to smoke weed in public. However, you may consume CBD products at home without worrying about the law.

Is CBD Legal in Strasbourg, France

On November 19, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that France’s prohibition against selling CBD products authorized in other European Union member states that might cause health problems was invalid because of the freedom of commerce, one of the cornerstones of the European single market. 

Following this decision, on July 20, 2021, the French government submitted its proposed hemp legislation to the European Commission. The legislation would control the cultivation, distribution, import, export, and commercial use of all hemp parts in France.

Currently, there are 1,800 CBD stores located in France accounting for the bulk of sales. Raw hemp flowers and leaves are the main sources of income. The Conseil d’Etat will decide on whether to continue allowing CBD sales starting this year.

Where to buy CBD Products in Strasbourg?

CBD merchandises are now available in all French cities, including Strasbourg. As the country’s CBD markets continue to expand across France, many Strasbourgans have embraced the merchandise to deal with a variety of issues. Some of the biggest CBD retailers in France have opened their outlets in Strasbourg.


There are tons of CBD shops available in Strasbourg. Most of these CBD shops are legal and you can purchase quality CBD products from the shops. However, all shops do not sell the same quality CBD products. Some CBD shops charge a lot for quality CBD products, while other CBD shops sell decent CBD products at a much more affordable price.


Along with legal CBD shops, you will find many local CBD dealers in Strasbourg. Unfortunately, most of the dealers operate illegally. Although the price of CBD products at these places is low, the quality of these CBD products is not good.

The 3 best CBD Shops in Strasbourg



This CBD shop is located in the posh area of Strasbourg. This place is famous for its quality CBD products and multiple varieties of CBD products. This CBD shop is located in the Saint-Nicolas area of this town. Inside this CBD outlet, you will find knowledgeable staff and a welcoming environment.

Magasin de CBD

This CBD shop is located in the middle of the city. Hence, you can easily go to this place and buy your favorite CBD products. The best part of this CBD shop is its low price. Here, you can find some of the best quality CBD products at a discounted price.

CBD Meditek Schiltigheim

Although this CBD shop is not located in the middle of Strasbourg, you can get there easily. Here, you will find all types of CBD products such as CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD creams, CBD salves, and CBD tinctures at an affordable price.

CBD Culture to know

The cannabis culture in Strasbourg is well-known for its cultural values. It is no surprise that the city is home to such a vibrant cannabis culture. Cannabis cafes are open to all cannabis users in Strasbourg. The cannabis culture in Strasbourg is booming and it is anticipated to continue to expand in the future.

There are now CBD shops all over the city selling a wide range of products. These include CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD creams, CBD salves, and CBD tinctures. You can also find CBD capsules and tinctures in the health food stores in the city. The market is growing because of the growing interest in CBD as a potential treatment for many conditions including pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying CBD online safe?

It is safe to purchase CBD products from reputable websites; however, it is not ok to do so from unknown ones. It is a fact that a lot of individuals have been victims of fraud from illegal CBD websites.

Is buying CBD in stores safe?

Check out for the highest quality CBD supplies in authorized CBD stores, because here you can buy the best CBD product without any risk.

What happens if you get caught with CBD?

Having just a little bit of CBD in your possession or on your person is not illegal, but having a large amount is not. However, being caught with a massive amount of CBD products will lead to a lengthy prison sentence.

Is it easy to get regular weed in Strasbourg?

It’s not that difficult to find weed in Strasbourg.

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“There is hope for more medical use of CBD in the future. For example, further clinical trials will be conducted in which CBD shows great promise for the treatment of other neurological diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and schizophrenia.” Malena Pasatt Source: Quora

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